Friday, April 11, 2014

Tighten those glutes!

Welcome back blogging world!  It has been a couple of years since I have blogged consistently due in part to a lack of consistent running and mostly due to my crazy work schedule.  When I left teaching, I thought that my new job would allow me to focus more on myself but it has been the opposite.  60 plus hour work weeks have made running low on the priority list; I enjoy sleep too much!

When I tried to get back into running consistently (at least on the weekends), my nagging injuries flared up.  I had a blast at the 2013 Leona Divide 50K since I ran smarter and faster than my out of shape self anticipated.  After that, my hip issue eventually sidelined me; in July, I could not run more than 0.1 mile before my hip/leg buckled.  I finally broke down and got x-rays and the MRI to rule out major issues; thankfully, I "only" have internal and external snapping hip syndrome.  It's causes pain and very loud popping sounds that make my husband jump when I do squats or stand up.  (eeek)  I took time off and gradually built back up mileage, while doing the few exercises my chiro gave me.  A couple months ago, I got up to doing 20+ miles and hoped I would be able to do Leona Divide this year.  But then the nagging hip flexor pain got worse and I realized I'm sick of being injured; it is time to get to the bottom of this, fix it and get me back out there running pain free.

My awesome ortho sent me to Rausch Physical Therapy last week for a running gait analysis and PT. Today I had the gait analysis and, while it was weird,  hearing two PTs talk about me while I ran on the treadmill, it was awesome hearing what is making me hurts so much.    Basically, my form sucks; I have zero glute activation (in fact, he used the term flaccid to describe my glutes - lol), many other weak muscles.  I am happy to have a PT plan to attack the super tight hip flexors, strengthen and activate my glutes, and work on the other muscular issues that cause severe supination.  Though I typically suck at adhering to plans, I am committed to getting stronger and coming back to running pain free.  Until then, I have to keep my running at a minimum but get to keep running.  Here's to making my backside strong!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Catching up

I took a long hiatus from blogging this year; work occupied more of my week than normal and running has been erratic.  Since my last post, I ran only two races - Leona Divide 50K and Freedom Run at the Ranch 10k.  Yes, that is right - a whopping two races.  Both went well and I loved toeing the line and pushing myself.  That is why I love running and missed it dearly this year; it propels me past physical limits and places me in the midst of incredible people.  

I am focused on getting to the bottom of the hip, knee issue that has plagued me for years and sidelined me in July.  I have dealt with my left leg collapsing and the feeling of dragging my leg for seemingly forever but it normally kicked in late into runs; it progressed to where that happened less than 400 meters into a run.  I and my ART guru (Dr. Scott Neubauer) decided that the worsening symptoms warranted x-rays and a MRI, which thankfully ruled out worst case scenarios.  When my hip collapsed the moment I tried to jog through an airport terminal trying to catch my connection, I decided I had to stop running, period.  I kept stretching and did short walks (10 minutes) and hoped to maintain my sanity while I waited for appointment with an orthopedic doctor.  The official diagnosis is internal and external snapping hip syndrome; basically my IT band (external) is tight and snapping over bone and my iliopsoas (internal) is snapping over bone.  I am doing tons of stretching and strengthening - some prescribed by Dr.Scott and some I realized I need to do.  The back injuries I sustained many years ago may have contributed to all of this and I am stretching and getting ART on my neck and back to break up scar tissue.

After zero running for six weeks, I started back with jogging on soft grass (primarily in Vibrams).  I am being cautious and building back up slowly.  Today was my longest run in almost four months - 65 minutes.  I am stoked my husband and I can continue of tradition of running the Oceanside Turkey Trot.  I will be thankful for every mile!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

That Dam Run- Mile High Running

It's been a long time since I've posted.  I've been battling plantar fasciitis for months and I feel like every time I start posting consistently, something happens and I'm back on the injured reserve list.  I've focused on building mileage slowly and not stressing much when I miss runs.  This year I've run one race and felt it was worthy of a better-late-than-never race report.  My husband and I planned a trip to Denver for the first weekend of March; it was a good excuse to get away, see my brother, and celebrate my hubby's birthday.  I looked online and saw that a half marathon, That Dam Run, was taking place on Sunday morning less than 10 miles from my brother's house; the week was designed as a cutback mileage week and I could not resist doing a race that had a 10am start. :)

I was curious how the altitude would affect me; last time I was in Denver, I did not run much due to PF and I only noticed the altitude when I was running uphill. The race was a small race and no elevation profile was available online; after I signed up, I found a race report and saw the elevation graph showing that the second half (out-back course) was uphill.  Yikes!  We arrived on Friday and, while my husband felt the altitude, I only noticed it when climbing up steps.  I woke up Saturday morning and went out for a run; I had packed an old pair of running shoes and, due to snow being on the dirt trail, I had to stick to the concrete path.  I threw in a couple of climbs and that's the only times I felt the altitude.  It was actually easier for me to breathe at a mile high...I'm guessing that is because the air in Orange County is so polluted that my respiratory system is overworked on my normal runs.

That evening I noticed that I had shin splints...uh oh.  The next morning my shins were hurting more and I wished that a store was open early enough for me to buy new running shoes before the race but that was not the case.  I arrived at the race and loved being able to walk about 2 minutes to pick up my bib and goodie bag.  I was impressed with the shirt and goodie bag considering the race was only $50.  I hungout in the car with my brother and hubby until about 30 minutes before the race; it was then I walked over to hit the porta potties.  Oh my..that was a nightmare!  The race organizers had about 8 porta potties for over a thousand people (half marathon and shorter distance).  I was in line about 25 minutes and then ran over to get near the middle of the group lined up for the race start.

The course was an out-back with about 2 miles on Dam Road and then we turned and went down into the Cherry Creek park; as we ran along the road, I wished we were running on the trails that we down below in the Cherry Creek park.  The course became scenic as we crossed over the creek and I probably made people laugh as I gasped at the beauty.  I absolutely loved the scenery, though the concrete bike path beat up my legs.  What concerned me was seeing the signs indicating "steep grade" since I knew I would be running up that steep grade in the latter miles; there were numerous little rolling hills and I know those take their toll.  I realized I had to save some oxygen and energy for the second half, so I tucked in with a couple of people and let them be my unofficial pacers; we talked and they were impressed that I was running so well at altitude.  I was happy that I did not feel the altitude much but I knew the second half would be tough.  After the turnaround, my "pacers" slowed up and I stayed behind them for a couple of minutes and then decided to go for it.

I started feeling a little tired around mile 9 (mile markers were for miles 7-9 so I was happy I wore my Garmin) after having tackled part several rolling hills and the initial part of the long 300 foot climb.  I decided to keep pushing since my shins were hating the concrete and I was hungry  I started passing people on the next couple miles of uphill climbing and really felt the effects of altitude as I pushed uphill.  When I ran up onto Dam Road at mile 11, it was like torture as it was a two mile straight shot to the finish.  I tried to focus on the scenery and the beauty of the mountains on the horizon and park below but that was not enough; my left knee (one with cyst) began acting up and I was forced to slow down.  I began playing the game of breaking up the course into markers (the next sign, the next sign, etc) and realized I hated being able to see the finish line so far out!

I crossed the finish line with nothing left- finishing time of 1:51 (154th place out of 587 overall) was better than I expected considering the altitude and uphill second half.  I saw Alan and Tim and told them to just walk with me to the car since I was so out of breath.  It was a fun, low-key race and one of the most scenic road half marathons imaginable.  I highly recommend it, though the porta potty issue at the start needs to be resolved by the race organizers.  I love Denver and hope to do more runs there in the future!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving running

I am taking advantage of Thanksgiving to get in some miles.  Thanksgiving day, we did the Oceanside Turkey Trot; there is a 5 mile run that we did last year, 5K, and and option for the combo.  I decided that we should do the combo this year...if we are driving ~45 miles each way, we might as well do both, right?  The 5 mile race was crowded with one start and Alan and I dodged people for the first mile before settling in; I forgot my Garmin so we were running by feel and saving some for the second race.  I could tell we were running faster than normal but had no clue as to our pace; around mile 4, I decided to push the pace but leave some in the tank so I parted with Alan.  I was surprised to finish the 5 miler in 39:23 and Alan finished about 45 seconds later.  While that's much slower than my "old running paces," it was faster than I expected.

About an hour later, after a quick walk to the car and change of bibs/chips, we started the 5K.  There were thousands of people (like 5,000+!) so I was happy they did a wave start.  My goal was to run it comfortably and see what my times was.  My legs felt good and I cruised in for a 24:11 finish.

Today I did some work before we hit the trails; we wanted to go somewhere new but got a late start so we settled for Aliso and Wood Canyon; we only did one short run there before.  I was not a fan of the seemingly endless pavement from the parking area to the trail but enjoyed exploring the area; we took it very easy and "played."  We ran Aliso Creek Trail to Wood Canyon, to Cave Rock, to Dripping Canyon Trail, up Matthis, down Car Wreck Trail and back to the car.  The Car Wreck Trail was much more technical than I expected and we took it very carefully/slowly going down that way.  All in all, it was only 8 miles but it was fun to explore new trails.  I tried wearing different trail shoes as I noticed a pattern with my plantar fasciitis ongoing gets worse after every trail run when I wear Cascadias.  Tomorrow I hope it's not worse and that I discovered what has made getting it under control seemingly impossible.

Monday, November 12, 2012

CO Dreaming

The first weekend of November we traveled to the Denver area to visit my brother and explore his new hometown.  I fell in love with the area and this weekend's trail run in El Moro made me long for the beautiful trails I saw and explored there.  I was thankful to be able to run trails in El Moro yesterday but my mind kept drifting to CO....

Right out his front door is the trail that connects to the Cherry Creek ecological preserve area and I explored a couple of miles of it but PF prevented my running much of it.  We went to Red Rocks Park and, while I wanted to run and run and run, my foot was bugging me so I took it as a cool bonding time to hike with my brother and husband.  I have yet to upload the best pictures but you can see how cool it was...

We drove into the mountains to the west of Red Rocks and I was like a little kid in a candy store.  It was sooo beautiful and the views from ~13,000 were breathtaking.  We saw lakes, streams, parks and trails that made me so happy; at one point, I took off running on a path and got yelled at because they thought I might take off to run to the other side of the mountain.

We visited our friend Sam in Broomfield and I could see why he boasts about hitting a trail ~400 feet from his door.  I was sad to leave CO and cannot wait to return and explore some more!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playing it smart

I finally am learning from my mistakes...I think.  I wanted to stick to my schedule and nail out a nice, long trail run on Saturday but work intervened and made that impossible.  I could feel the lingering effects of plantar fasciitis (PF takes forever to get back under control) on Friday night and decided I would go for a short run Saturday before going to the "office."  A half mile in, I turned around and decided my foot would be better off resting; I did some yoga and called it a day.  Sunday, I had hopes of a long run but felt a little creaking in the foot and was happy that I had plenty of work to do to keep my minds off of being on the trails; I hit the gym for weights (can't recall the last time I did that) and did some yoga.  This has to be one of the first times I had an issue that I could run through where I instead chose to give my body rest.

I am working on my running form, strengthening my foot, foam rolling the knots out of my legs consistently, and adding strength training to my workout regime.  I am incorporating a little barefoot running into my routine (keeping it under half a mile and on grass for now) as it helps me work on good running form.  I hope all this "playing it smart" quickly becomes routine because I have a history of trying to do all these things and then forgetting about them and reverting to my old habits.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week/LB half marathon recap

The goal was to keep to my "training plan" for the week; I didn't worry about doing the runs on the scheduled days but wanted to run the miles planned. I hit my goal - even though it meant doing 7 on trails yesterday since I bailed on Friday's 7 miler. My right foot was feeling the effects of the PF (plantar fasciitis) that I felt a little more after a 10 miler earlier in the week but I did some icing, stretching, golf ball/rolling massaging and thought it would be okay. I went to bed last night in pain, not a good sign, but hoped I could make it through the Long Beach half marathon; the race was expensive and I did not want my hubby and I to bail on it.

We woke up at 4am in order to be on the road by 4:45; we knew traffic could be bad so we arrived early and found parking quickly. I taped my foot and wore my Skechers that have great arch support but are still iffy as to whether they are good for me since I have such a weird gait. I felt tightness/pain walking to the start and hoped it would not get worse. My hubby has not run much since May so he just hoped to finish under 2 hours.

I never wanted to run LB because a lot of the course is concrete but Alan wants the medal for the Beach Cities Challenge so I had reluctantly agreed; I predicted that the concrete would beat up our bodies and I was right. My foot hurt more during the opening miles so I focused on landing in the most comfortable spot and counted down the miles.

The course was scenic for a road race and that helped, though I got sick of the beach path around miles 7-11; my left knee (one with cyst), hip, calves hurt thanks to the concrete but my right foot did not get worse (yay). We cruised in under 2 hours and my normally freezing self stripped down to my sports bra thanks to the sun/humidity and I downed 2 bottles of water; I should have drank more water during the race:).

I am spending lots of time icing, foam rolling (love my Rumble Roller - review coming soon) and retaped my foot. While I want to keep with my training plan, I'll see what my foot needs and adjust accordingly. Today reminded me that I have lost lots of endurance and concrete sucks. A part of me wants to see if I can regain speed and endurance and try to made me realize I may not have the desire to run on roads enough to attempt a BQ ever again.