Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pictures of the sprained ankle

I did a great job at spraining my ankle multiple times during one run (see last post if you don't know what I mean) and it didn't look very good.  Monday, I spent the day at work elevating it, hobbling around on crutches, and icing every hour much to the bewilderment of my students.

Yesterday about 36 hours post-running, I was home with my foot in a lovely ice bath when my boyfriend looked at it and strongly suggested I go to my podiatrist.  After googling pictures of fractured ankles, I grabbed the phone and called.  Thankfully, Dr. Marcus has late afternoon appointments on Monday and they were able to squeeze me in.  While waiting, I took some pics of my ankle since I realized I might need to look at the healing process in the future given my propensity for injuries.

After examining the x-rays (hard because of all the swelling) and feeling around the bones, the doctor said it's sprained. He was shocked I was not experiencing more pain, though I have a VERY high tolerance for pain.  He wrapped it in a 24 hour soft cast because he said he knew I wouldn't want anything that I had to wear for long..lol.  So true.  I have to wear an air cast for an extended period of time and use crutches for about a week.  Now, the waiting game begins...how fast can the swelling subside?

Overnight my ankle and toes swelled more, despite being compressed and elevated.  My toes looked like little sausages poking out of brace but I'll keep that picture to myself.  This afternoon I removed the soft cast and was surprised to see how much my ankle changed in 24 hours; purple is the color of the day and it makes it easy to see where I did the most damage to my ankle.

I hope the changing color is a sign of healing because I still have desires of completing SD 100 (less than 2 months away).  I'll keep the ankle sprain updates coming...at least until I hit the pool and can describe my 1-3 hour sessions in great detail.


  1. wow! what is wrong with us runners? :) I've been gimping around on my bad ankle for about half a year. Now I'm finally taking a month off. I hope you can rally to run that 100! I wish you some speedy healing!

  2. As an ex-basketball player, I had my share of sprained ankles. They are no fun. Yours is a pretty nasty looking one for sure. Take it easy and let it heal.

  3. prayers for healing coming your way! (and the RN in me has to add Rest Ice, Compress and Elevate!!)

  4. Jeez Louise! That's one mean bruising!

  5. Wow, you are quite tough, that's incredible. It certainty looks like this sprained ankle will take a bit to heal. I'd be interested in hearing how you're doing when you get a chance!

  6. When I Was Younger I Was On A Swing And I Put My Foot Down To Stop The Swing From Moving I Felt A Lot Of Discomfort Than I And Pulling In A Painful Way I Realize I Sprained It And I Couldn't Walk I Had To Attend A Softball Game I Had To Sit Out For A Week Or So When I Got Home My Ankle Was Spasming At It Hurt So My Advice To You Is Is Take It Easy And That Is A Nasty Sprain