Monday, April 5, 2010

Pool Running

The past week taught me that I must be pretty determined to stay in shape and that I can push through monotony and boredom to reach a goal.  How did I learn this?  Pool running (aka. aqua jogging).  I bought my lovely flotation belt for $15, the cheapest and first that I found, and it was not comfortable so I doubted my ability to wear it and run back/forth in a pool for more than 30 minutes.  I knew I could handle 30 minutes on a treadmill so I assumed pool running would be just as exciting.

My first pool run was in the not-too-cold, not-too-warm water of my apartment complex.  I wore a bathing suit and a Nike long-sleeve drifit top for additional warm.  I jogged back/forth in the deep end and was surprised that an hour passed without my beating my head against the pool deck in boredom.  After the run, I was coughing a lot and hoped that the water had not been so cold that I would end up sick for my spring break.

The next day was slightly colder and much windier and the running was more difficult because I started coughing up phlegm about 30 minutes into the workout.  I kept pushing, though I did not keep doing intervals, and got concerned when my phlegm contained blood.  I got out after an hour and the coughing up blood (small amounts but enough to make me wonder...) continued for several hours.  I realized I needed to carry a water bottle and hydrate during the run as I felt very dehydrated and that could have caused the bloody phlegm.

Thursday I sought advice from another injured runner off the RWOL boards and decided to hit the lap pool at a 24 hour fitness.  The water temperature was much warmer and I easily did 80 minutes before calling it a day and heading to the sauna for some heat training.  Friday I again ventured to the gym and 90 minutes passed by quickly, especially since I spent about 20 minutes conversing with 2 other people in the pool area.  Both days I was famished and my legs felt like they were getting a good workout, as they had the prior days.  Hm...guess pool running is not so bad after all.

Saturday brought warmer weather and sunny skies and I checked the water temperature at my apartment pool- perfect!  I was stoked to be able to run back/forth in the sun and shade and soak in the beautiful day while getting in a 2 hour pool run; I know I could have continued but I was getting bored and my legs were telling me to quit.   The most annoying part of the longer runs is that the flotation belt rides up and I have to readjust the cheap elastic belt part; if I continue having to pool run for long periods of time, I can tell it will fall apart.

 I did have company for part of my pool running...

Considering I'm pool running sans an ipod or any music (except for the music I heard from a neighbor's apartment for about 20 minutes), I'm happy to be staying sane.  I'm planning on continuing to pool run after I'm allowed to return to trails/roads, but I'm doubtful I'll keep up the 2 hour runs.


  1. So, I've heard that you can use an ipod and pool run by taping it to a hat! Never saw it, never did it...just heard about it!

  2. I heard something similar but I'm scared to try it. :) I don't mind the peace and quiet; I try to zone out but if I have to do a 3 hours pool run, I may figure out some way to have tunes.

  3. At least the ducks will help you from going quackers!

  4. Two hours in a pool? I'd look like a big prune!