Thursday, April 8, 2010

Best massage ever

While my boyfriend has been wonderful about giving leg massages and "torturing" me while trying to get knots out of my jacked legs, he's not a professional and my current right calf pain needed a massage therapist who knows what she's doing.  After a google search, I chose Dynamic Touch Massage, which has offices in Costa Mesa and Mission Viejo.  Testimonials on the site made me think that they know how to treat athletes, including runners.  The rates were higher than some other places but I decided it's better to pay more and get what I need than to leave another massage place wanting my money back.  I arranged to see Gillian, the one who was available this morning (love spring break!) and I am so happy I did!!! 

As soon as I told her I'm a runner training for a 100 miler, she responded, "Ah.  An ultra runner."  Sweet-someone who knows the lingo, a rarity, and a sign of good things to come.  She asked several questions about my current pains, running plans, etc. and recommended making the most of my hour by just working on my lower body and asked if it would be okay if she did no work on the rest of my body.  Bingo!  Finally, a therapist who offers what I need.  I'm so used to telling massage therapists that I only want my legs worked on and having them ignore me and give minimal attention to my trouble spots. 

Throughout the massage, she kept checking in to make sure she was digging deep enough but not so deep to make me cry.  She even offered to work on my psoas muscles and iliacus muscle, which is very painful work through the abdomen wall but very needed as they are involved in hip flexion/rotation.  It hurt so good and my hips felt so much better!  When she made her way to my right calf, she pinpointed the issues and worked so much on those, to the point where no more work could be done today.  I immediately felt relief.  She made sure I knew to stretch both calf muscles and to strengthen my hip abductors (hmmm...she tells me that but my first physical therapist did not?!).  I was extremely impressed with the massage, her knowledge, and her knowing how to treat runners.  Hands down, it was the best massage I've had.  Anyone in Orange County who needs a massage should see her!

My legs felt so much better so I hopped in the pool for some pool running (only 2 hours today after yesterday's 3 hours) and then did the grueling P90X yoga DVD.  I get to attempt a walk/run tomorrow and I'm feeling way more optimistic about it after today's massage. 

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  1. *cue porn music!

    Haha, no I'm glad you're doing whatever is within your power to remain in shape and take care of the legs and hip.

    Keep it going Rachel - you'll be back out there in no time!