Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playing it smart

I finally am learning from my mistakes...I think.  I wanted to stick to my schedule and nail out a nice, long trail run on Saturday but work intervened and made that impossible.  I could feel the lingering effects of plantar fasciitis (PF takes forever to get back under control) on Friday night and decided I would go for a short run Saturday before going to the "office."  A half mile in, I turned around and decided my foot would be better off resting; I did some yoga and called it a day.  Sunday, I had hopes of a long run but felt a little creaking in the foot and was happy that I had plenty of work to do to keep my minds off of being on the trails; I hit the gym for weights (can't recall the last time I did that) and did some yoga.  This has to be one of the first times I had an issue that I could run through where I instead chose to give my body rest.

I am working on my running form, strengthening my foot, foam rolling the knots out of my legs consistently, and adding strength training to my workout regime.  I am incorporating a little barefoot running into my routine (keeping it under half a mile and on grass for now) as it helps me work on good running form.  I hope all this "playing it smart" quickly becomes routine because I have a history of trying to do all these things and then forgetting about them and reverting to my old habits.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week/LB half marathon recap

The goal was to keep to my "training plan" for the week; I didn't worry about doing the runs on the scheduled days but wanted to run the miles planned. I hit my goal - even though it meant doing 7 on trails yesterday since I bailed on Friday's 7 miler. My right foot was feeling the effects of the PF (plantar fasciitis) that I felt a little more after a 10 miler earlier in the week but I did some icing, stretching, golf ball/rolling massaging and thought it would be okay. I went to bed last night in pain, not a good sign, but hoped I could make it through the Long Beach half marathon; the race was expensive and I did not want my hubby and I to bail on it.

We woke up at 4am in order to be on the road by 4:45; we knew traffic could be bad so we arrived early and found parking quickly. I taped my foot and wore my Skechers that have great arch support but are still iffy as to whether they are good for me since I have such a weird gait. I felt tightness/pain walking to the start and hoped it would not get worse. My hubby has not run much since May so he just hoped to finish under 2 hours.

I never wanted to run LB because a lot of the course is concrete but Alan wants the medal for the Beach Cities Challenge so I had reluctantly agreed; I predicted that the concrete would beat up our bodies and I was right. My foot hurt more during the opening miles so I focused on landing in the most comfortable spot and counted down the miles.

The course was scenic for a road race and that helped, though I got sick of the beach path around miles 7-11; my left knee (one with cyst), hip, calves hurt thanks to the concrete but my right foot did not get worse (yay). We cruised in under 2 hours and my normally freezing self stripped down to my sports bra thanks to the sun/humidity and I downed 2 bottles of water; I should have drank more water during the race:).

I am spending lots of time icing, foam rolling (love my Rumble Roller - review coming soon) and retaped my foot. While I want to keep with my training plan, I'll see what my foot needs and adjust accordingly. Today reminded me that I have lost lots of endurance and concrete sucks. A part of me wants to see if I can regain speed and endurance and try to BQ...today made me realize I may not have the desire to run on roads enough to attempt a BQ ever again.