Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm back!

It's been a long time since I have posted.  Life has been super crazy since I'm teaching an extra class period and commuting way too many hours per day.  Thankfully, I booked the major items for our wedding during the summer since I've had little time for wedding planning.  Running has also taken a backseat but I see that changing soon. 

I accidentally ran an ultra October 30th when I did the Richard Leary 6 Hour Challenge to benefit TAPS and Train for Autism.  I had little time to run in the weeks leading up to the race so my longest run since last November was 14 miles.  Somehow I managed to run about 33 miles and that gave me the motivation to get my butt back in gear; I love running ultras and I have a strong desire to to another 100 miler before spring of 2013.  I've been pushing the pace occasionally and am stoked to throw in some faster miles without my knee acting up too much.  Being able to go that distance without any training surprised me as I had assumed my body could no longer handle long distances.

I'm eyeing a 50K for February but will have to see if my schedule allows me to train for it; if I'm not ready for it, I have some others on the schedule for March.  I have some fun races coming up this month and in January and they are all shorter distances.  I used to hate shorter distance races but now I just enjoy the chance to be in a race setting and snap some pictures to capture these moments in my life.