Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cross-training and PT

Almost three weeks with minimal to zero running and, while I'm very anxious, I've yet to jump out of my skin and go bonkers...but I see it on the brink if I don't resume training soon. With less than three months before attempting to run/hike/crawl 100 miles, I'm getting very nervous that I won't have the specific training I need to survive. However, I know that including cross-training in my preparation is key to being successful in my attempt so I'm using this break from running as a chance to determine how/what I'll incorporate into my busy schedule once my evenings are filled with jaunts on dirt.

I've read that the stairmaster (the one w/revolving stairs) can help with buidling climbing muscles/endurance and last week my PT cleared me to use that (yippee!) and the elliptical. So I've spent more time in the gym on the stairs (climbing sideways to work outer hips and forward to get ready for mountains) and the elliptical plus a little time walking on the FreeMotion Incline Trainer. Also I've been doing lots of PT exercises to strengthen my weak hips (abductors; ie- gluteus medius, piriformis, etc.) in the hopes that helps reduce reoccurences of ITBS, plantar fasciities, achilles problems. I continued doing tons of stretching (yoga at-home) and some core work, part of my usual pre-injury program.

Saturday I met up with the So Cal Trail Headz and hungout with a few of the members (injured and non-running that day) while the others ran the trails in Peter's Cayon.  I offically joined that cool bunch and am very eager to begin running with them.  I chatted with the RD of Old Goat, a 50 mile race that is brutal but on my must-do list.  Unfortunately, my PT appointment yesterday means that race will remain on my "in the future" list as I didn't even ask if I could run it in less than two weeks; I knew she'd either say no so empatically that I'd cry or just laugh at me, neither of which I was in the mood to hear.

Physical therapy last night went okay. She showed me some new exercises and then used ultrasound with anti-inflammatory gel and massage to work on my feet. She noticed the PF is still tight but better. When I asked about running, she said later in the week....then eased up and told me to take it by feel...if my feet feel okay that I can run. My feet have been tight since I started teaching 6 years ago (gotta love walking on concrete for 7-8 hours daily) so I doubt they will feel perfect now but I'll listen to her. Sleeping with both night splints has been rough and I wake up so many times during the night and take forever to fall asleep but I feel the stretch and hope it's working.

I'm definitely doing what it takes to recover. However, I've been reading online that some people take months to years to recover and that many people never get rid of it entirely. So, I'm at the point of accepting that my feet will hurt and that I'll have to massage them when I change shoes during the race. I just want to resume training!!!


  1. I have had three distinct PF injuries in the past. Each one took several months too finally lick. I did not do the splints, so I curious if these help. Also, your everyday footwear (especially on concrete) might have an impact one way or the other. It sounds like your PT mentioned this one. During my past PF issues - we were living in a house with hardwood floors throughout and tile. No longer live in the house and now no PF problems. As you probably now though - I have other foot/ankle issues right now.

    Thanks for blogging. I have enjoyed reading your posts. I find them helpful. Thanks!

  2. wow, we crazy runners all think alike. I've pretty much stopped telling people about ultras that I want to run. I'll just tell them afterward. I wish you well on your recovery! Don't do anything I would do! :P

  3. Now that you've found a good PT, take your time and get well! The races will always be there. The goal is to make sure you will be too!