Saturday, March 31, 2012

RIP Micah True

       Tonight I intended on finally writing my race report for the Into the Wild 21K I did last weekend.  However, the news of Micah True ("Caballo" from Born to Run) just broke and my race report can wait.  For those of you who have not read Born to Run, get a copy and read it and then share it with others.  While I never had the pleasure of meeting Micah, he was one of my inspirations and I am sure many other trail runners and others outside of the sport would say the same.  While the details have not been released, I can only hope that it was natural causes and that he passed doing what he loved - running trails.  RIP Micah True - your legend will live on and you will continue to inspire people. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Running is therapy

The past few weeks I have been on a roller coaster with my career.  I resigned from my teaching position in February trusting that the position lined up would be a good move; it would put me in a position to work a full-time flexible schedule, while giving me time and energy for other aspects of my life (getting married and running).  This week my world turned upside down when I learned that I have to look for a new position; being a contract employee means that a change in the client's needs can result in lots of contract employees not having any work...sigh.  The news hit me hard so I hit the trails for stress relief.

Yesterday's run pushed me to my physical limit.  My legs are already tired from my running streak and the new trails that I explored had more rolling hills than I anticipated; I pushed through and, despite my desire to walk, I surprised myself by running all of them and focusing on maintaining good form up the hills.  I got home and put on my trusty CEP compression socks and my calves thanked me.  Today's run may be cut short due to time (NCAA tournament is on after all...GO GATORS!) but I will get out just to take a break from job hunting.

Honestly, I wish I could find a job, even part-time, that is related to running or sports.  Unfortunately, those are limited and not many exist in the Orange County area.  Until I find a job, I'll take advantage of extra time to run and relish in the beauty of the scenery as I run the local trails.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Nanny Goat 100, Here We Come!

I finally did it; I signed up for the Nanny Goat 100.  The race is actually a timed event (12 hour and 24 hour options) but anyone who runs 86+ hours in 24 hours can continue on and attempt 100 miles before the 28 hour cutoff.  It is a flat, mostly dirt, loop course inland (ie. HOT) and will be my second attempt at 100 miles.  I was successful the first time (not sure how....) and hope that I have similar luck this time around.

 I prefer hilly, more technical courses as it's easier on my legs but I really, really want to earn another buckle.  And I love the Nanny Goat buckle since it's blue (close to my wedding color)!  I'm hoping that my knee will cooperate and that I can run, jog, walk, and crawl the distance. 

My fiance, who has never participated in a race longer than a half marathon, decided he wants to attempt the 100 miler also.  So my training is shifting to running with him and trying to help him learn what his body needs to survive.  Nutrition is something that I am bad about for myself but I'm working on teaching him what needs to be done.  I admit that I am worried about his being able to go from a solid base of  25 mpw to 100 miles; he is pushing through training runs, which I doubt he considers fun, though they are necessary.  However, we are having fun going shopping for gear that can help us (even if it's just psychological). 

We purchased several items this weekend, including a pair of Hokas for me.  Now, I'm trying to find compression tights or something that will support my knee and hip flexors; CW-X tight appear to be my next purchase, though the price and thought of wearing them in 80+ degree temps have me still searching for other options.  Preparing for a 100 is hard work and shopping for gear is no exception...back to reading product reviews I go.

Have a great week!