Saturday, March 19, 2011


Wow.  It's been a long time since I updated my blog or read the ones I follow.  Life has been extremely hectic this year and many things have taken a backseat to my top priorities.  I'm still teaching and my commute makes that a long work day, but I'm also taking two courses in the hopes of making a career change within the next 18 months.  Being in class until 9pm two nights a week and doing all the homework, projects, and studying has left less time for running.  The weeks I don't need to study before class, I squeeze in a short (5 mile) run since my campus is located near a gym, which is near a park.  On the weekends, I'm pretty exhausted and run whatever mileage I have the time and energy to do.  I have no races on my schedule as my goal for the year was to get healthy and that's still my objective.

It's become apparent that my knee issue is still there so I went to my chiro for an ART session this week; he did a number of my leg but he thinks I'll have to opt for another cortisone injection....that's better than his joke about my getting a pink prosthetic.  Normally, I would hate the thought of again taking time totally off running but I'm learning to go with the flow.  I'll see how my leg/knee feels over the next week and then get another injection if needed. 

Thankfully, I am so excited about things going on in the other parts of my life that this lingering knee problem can't get me down.  I got engaged recently so my attention is on planning a wedding for July of 2012!!!  While I'd love to run some ultras this year, my priority is spending time with my fiance and making our wedding fabulous.  I have zero problem with letting "life" be my top priority and letting running (long distances- short distances will still happen) and racing take a backseat.