Thursday, January 19, 2012

Going organic

One major change that my fiancé and I decided was necessary is to change the foods we eat. I have been reading lots about genetically modified crops and pesticides and the reports are troubling. So we are buying organic foods and I am loving going to the farmer's market and buying locally grown, chemical free food; we are trying new dishes and loving it. Here are a couple of pictures of recent dishes. I plan on blogging more about food as I think that it's important for people to know how the food in the US is increasingly contaminated with chemicals and GMOs.

Organic and vegetarian pizza- so yummy that we will buy a pie pan to use next time instead of aluminum foil:)
Quinoa with chard, mushrooms, and lentils- healthy, delicious, surprisingly filling

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Trails, trails, oh how I have missed you. With your ankle-twisting holes, butt and calf blasting and lung exploding hills, you are so much better than asphalt. Even the big cats who cross the path and cause my heart to race are worth glorious hours with you. The last two days caused me to yearn for spring so that I can spend more time with you.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 craziness?!

While 2011 was not a fantastic personal running year, I had a blast running with Alan and seeing him PR on a challenging 1/2 marathon course. We wrapped up the year in Memphis and I logged some wonderful trail miles and learned about the booming Memphis running scene; I will definitely join Breakaway Running store's runs next year. Alan and I did the Operation Jack satellite run to support OJ (autism charity) and I loved showing Alan the killer gorgeous paved path winding through the nature area behind our hotel.

2012 is guaranteed to be an amazing year since I am getting married this year. Running will continue to be a priority as I am very stressed with other family things and running helps me escape those worries for a few hours. Alan and I are gearing up for some races; he does not love long distances as much as I do so I'm eyeing some solo long races. I'm bouncing around a crazy idea of attempting a 100 miler in February; I've been lacking the motivation to do long runs and need a long distance race goal. I definitely question whether it would be wise to attempt that distance given my lack of high mileage so I'll keep musing over the idea before signing up. Ultra craziness is a real thing!!!