Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running on St.Patty's Day- not quite beer but great!

I love St.Patty's Day, even though I do not brave the been-drunk-since-6am-crowds at the local pubs anymore.  So I was so disappointed to realize that my school's Open House (kinda pointless in high school because it's not one-on-one conferences) fell on this evening.  I'm stuck at work until 7:30pm and traffic plus my communte will mean getting home close to 9pm.  Thus, there will be no celebrating at home or getting the chance to relax much before heading to night-night land.

However, I did manage to get away and hit the gym for a quick run.  The PT said I could attempt a run today based on how my feet feel. Well, one is still slightly tight and I feel that when I massage it (something I do so many times per day I lost count) but not bad.  I decided to play it safe and hit the treadmill in case it started to hurt; I didn't want to risk being a couple miles away and having to hobble back.  It took some time to hit my groove and I felt my lack of running plus some slight "niggleness" in the foot but not the pain I felt before.  So, I kept cruising.  Eventually my right hip flexor got tight and that started making my gait weird (okay, weirder than normal on TM); I've been stretching like mad but the tightness remains almost four weeks after Orange Curtain.  Guess I need to foam roll that area some more.  Finally realized I had to stretch and shower so I finished the run with a smile on my sweaty face.  6 miles in 50:40 (approx 8:34/mile). 

Hope my foot still feels okay tomorrow.  I'm massaging it tonight and will do so when no parents are here and then again first thing in the morning.  Feel great now and I'm very optimistic that I'll be able to run again tomorrow!!!  WOOOHOO!

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  1. sweet - you're running again! just don't overdo it. if that means you take tomorrow off to be able to run with Ryan and I on be it!

    see ya soon.