Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trail running to pool running

Last weekend was a wonderful time to relax (apart from running) and to attempt to run with my PT's blessing.  I ventured out for a run Garmin-less and felt good enough to get in about 6 miles Friday evening; I felt some tightness in my Achilles but did my eccentric calf exercises and stretched, hoping Saturday would be a double digit trail run.  Saturday I waited until around 11am to hit part of the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park- Bommer Canyon Trail, Willow Trail into Willow Canyon and back with a few short runs down misc. trails included.  It was very warm and I felt sluggish early so I walked all the uphills and just focused on getting in 10 miles, despite increasing tightness and creakiness in the achilles. 

Random ribbon along Willow trail....seriously made me stop and wonder where the runners where

Love the flowers in bloom

Told you that it was hot!

I iced and tried to stretch/relax the remainder of the day before venturing out to meet up with some girlfriends.  I bravely wore heels, not intending on being out for long.  After only a few minutes standing, I felt the creakiness in my achilles worsening and I looked forward to getting home, icing, and putting on my night splint (pathetic I know). 

Sunday was another warm but beautiful day and, despite the nagging feeling that I should rest (or not run), I headed back to the same trails.  The day before I had felt the notch in my Brooks Cascadia's pushing into my achilles so I cut two slits in it so that it would not put pressure on that sensitive area; unfortunately, that did not solve my issue.  The tightness was there from the start but I got excited from running El Moro (different part of trail than day before) and being in nature that I pushed myself too far until the discomfort in my achilles reduced me to walking.  At least I got in 9 miles....

View from El Moro trail- see the Pacific?!

Even the lizard was taking in the beautiful day

Snow capped mountains in the distance- view from Bommer Ridge

Post-running Sunday I looked forward to Monday's podiatrist appointment, as the creaking was getting worse.  My calf was very tight and so sore that my boyfriend's massaging it brought me to tears.  Not a good sign. Knowing that I would be taking a self-induced break from running for at least a few days, I went to Dick's Sporting goods and bought a flotation belt for pool running.

Monday I saw Dr.Marcus to get my new orthotics (forgot to ask how to wear them as they are different than my last ones and seem too small to replace the insoles....) and asked him about my achilles.  He confirmed that it's intact but that the tendon is sticking to its sheath, causing the creaking sound (crepitation).  He offered an injection similar to novacane in order to "lube" the area between the tendon and sheath- a procedure called brisement- and I accepted, trusting he knows what's best.  His directive of no running at least until he sees me again next Monday was heartbreaking, as I feel I am running out of time to prepare for the SD100.

Today I iced, iced, iced (ice massages every 1.5 hours) while at work and hit the pool to "run."  My apartment complex has a pool and I was so stoked to discover it's heated!  While it was still chilly outside to be in the water, it made pool running more bearable.  I have no idea if my form was correct but I took advantage of having the pool to myself and ran back and forth from the 5 foot to 7 foot part, just zoning out and without any tunes.  I could feel my legs burn and I hoped it had been at least 20 minutes (goal was for 30) when I ventured out to check my phone clock...surprisingly, it had been 52 minutes so I hopped back in to make it a cool hour of pool running.  I guess I have the mental fortitude to do something very monotonous without dying of boredom..who knew??!?!

Hopefully the rain will skip over the area.  If not, I may see how it feels to pool run outside during a storm tomorrow.


  1. Ugh...stupid achilles - get better already!

    I'm glad you're being conservative with it though instead of pushing the envelope. Do what you can, keep up the pool running to maintain some fitness and hopefully you'll be back on the trails with us in no time!

  2. Just maintain a level and you'll be fine at SD, remember go out slow and ease off from there!

  3. I didn't know that was what was causing the creaking sound in my Achilles. I just kept resting until it went away. I hope you recover soon!