Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Follow-up podiatrist visit

Yesterday was my follow-up appointment with my podiatrist.  He noted that the crepitation is gone from my achilles and that the simple injection appears to have cleaned out/cleared up the adhesion between the achilles and its sheath.  I was somewhat honest and told him the achilles felt tight immediately after the injection and that my calf has become very knotted and seems to be pulling on my achilles slightly; I didn't tell him the achilles still feels tight and that I "feel" it when walking and pool running...there's no pain, just a sensation that does not exist normally.  I'm hoping it is just caused by the recurring muscular knot so I figured I'd allow his physical examination of the tendon to be enough.

He seemed very pleased with my progress and I hoped he'd allow me to resume running today so that I could salvage my spring break to resume training.  Unfortunately, that's not what he had in mind.  Friday I'm allowed to do a warm-up and then run 1/4 mile, walk 1/4 mile 8 times...yeah, a total of 2 miles, not including my warm-up.  No running on Saturday and then I get to do the same thing for 2-3 miles Sunday.  I go back to see him Monday, exactly 2 months from the SD 100 start.  The reasonable part of me knows that testing it with 2 miles of walk/run is the smart thing but the running side of me is eyeing the calendar and hoping my goal race doesn't become impossible. 

I have no idea if the walk/run will go okay but if it does, I wonder if my body can handle going from zero running (except for in the pool) to running up/down mountains for 100 miles in 60 days.  That's what I contemplated for 2.5 hours today while I ran back/forth in the pool.  The calf tightness worsened during the "run" causing my achilles to get tight post-pool running so it's time to find a fabulous massage therapist....off to search for one in the Irvine area.  Suggestions anyone???


  1. 4mph is all you need, in fact 3mph will still get you a buckle!

  2. aww Rachel, I dont have much advice for ya considering you have more experience than me, but I know you will be able to run the 100 even if you didnt have 60 days fresh of running, its very mental for that amount of distance and you got that down!