Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ramping up mileage

So far, my run/walks have been successful. :)  I've upped my mileage from doctor's schedule but I'm keeping his plan of run/walk intervals.  I've been increasing the length of the intervals and trying to keep my pace in check, the hardest part for me.  Thursday I covered 8.25 miles, including a few mile long intervals at sub-8 pace; the plantar fasciitis bugged me off/on and the achilles was tight but there was no pain or anything that caused concern.  I'm back to doing the laundry list of things to help the PF and am wearing both night splints, instead of just the right one.  Hopefully all of these things will allow me to continue increasing my mileage and hopefully hit the trails for some hills soon.

Today was a beautiful, warmer day and I headed out with the goal of 10-12 miles; plan was for 0.25/0.75 miles walk/run for the first half, then 0.25/1 mile walk/run intervals.  I felt good and stuck to the plan for the first 5 miles and then did 1-2 mile run intervals.  My legs were tired by the time I hit mile 10!  I guess my legs are not used to running as this was my longest run since February 28th.  The PF bugged at times and the achilles area was tight but I was able to finish 12.25 miles with no problems; I stayed within a couple miles of my apartment throughout the run in case something acted up but was very happy to finish the distance and feel good. 

I'm optimistic I'll feel good tomorrow and will be able to do a short run/walk tomorrow.  Thankfully it's beautiful weather so I can get in some more pool running today and tomorrow and end the weekend feeling as though my legs are getting adjusted to working hard.

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