Monday, July 19, 2010

Next BIG race?!

I'm trying to pick my next 100 miler and it's very hard when there are so many very cool races out there.   I've narrowed it down to Javelina Jundred and HURT 100.  Javelina still has plenty of open spots so I have time to register for it.  HURT, on the other hand, is doing a lottery this year for just 100 spots.  If I put my name in the lottery for HURT (lottery open July 31st until August 5th) and get selected, then I have to do it.  If I put my name in and don't get selected, I'll go with Javelina.  Thus, the big question is whether or not to enter the lottery.

HURT is one of the toughest 100 milers and I have no idea if I could actually manage the endless climbs, roots, and heat/humidity to earn the buckle.  I hate the idea of spending money on traveling there when I know the course would chew me up and spit me out....but it's Hawaii and, even with the brutality of the race, I'd be in a gorgeous area and would have an unbelievable experience.  Working HURT into my budget is very iffy at this point and makes deciding whether or not to enter the lottery harder, as does knowing my BF (crew/lifesaver) would not be able to accompany me.  Eeeekkk.what's a crazy girl to do?!

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  1. Good Luck!

    Whichever one it will be fun reading about it.