Sunday, November 3, 2013

Catching up

I took a long hiatus from blogging this year; work occupied more of my week than normal and running has been erratic.  Since my last post, I ran only two races - Leona Divide 50K and Freedom Run at the Ranch 10k.  Yes, that is right - a whopping two races.  Both went well and I loved toeing the line and pushing myself.  That is why I love running and missed it dearly this year; it propels me past physical limits and places me in the midst of incredible people.  

I am focused on getting to the bottom of the hip, knee issue that has plagued me for years and sidelined me in July.  I have dealt with my left leg collapsing and the feeling of dragging my leg for seemingly forever but it normally kicked in late into runs; it progressed to where that happened less than 400 meters into a run.  I and my ART guru (Dr. Scott Neubauer) decided that the worsening symptoms warranted x-rays and a MRI, which thankfully ruled out worst case scenarios.  When my hip collapsed the moment I tried to jog through an airport terminal trying to catch my connection, I decided I had to stop running, period.  I kept stretching and did short walks (10 minutes) and hoped to maintain my sanity while I waited for appointment with an orthopedic doctor.  The official diagnosis is internal and external snapping hip syndrome; basically my IT band (external) is tight and snapping over bone and my iliopsoas (internal) is snapping over bone.  I am doing tons of stretching and strengthening - some prescribed by Dr.Scott and some I realized I need to do.  The back injuries I sustained many years ago may have contributed to all of this and I am stretching and getting ART on my neck and back to break up scar tissue.

After zero running for six weeks, I started back with jogging on soft grass (primarily in Vibrams).  I am being cautious and building back up slowly.  Today was my longest run in almost four months - 65 minutes.  I am stoked my husband and I can continue of tradition of running the Oceanside Turkey Trot.  I will be thankful for every mile!

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