Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eeek! Orange Curtain 100K is days away!

With my first 100K only days away, I am officially entering "freak out" mode.  I've never completed a race longer than 32 miles due to injury and I feel very undertrained for Saturday.  I'm especially worried that my nagging injuries are going to cause me much pain and that old injuries may rear their ugly heads.  Today I spent time at Dr.Yu's in Manhattan Beach office getting A.R.T. (active release technique...basically the most painful deep tissue manipulation imaginable) done.  Unfortunately, he confirmed what I've been fearing- that my left ITB is very tight and that there are bands of scar tissue along my adductors (inner thigh muscles), hamstrings, and quads.  My left ITB is what locked up last summer and brought me to tears on the run that knocked me out of training for months.  The scar tissue is causing my knee to be pulled out of place, creating the pain that never dissipates. Sweet.  Just what I needed to hear days before my longest race.  Foam rolling never seems to help with the ITB issue but I'm going to be spending loads of quality time doing that and adding more ITB stretches over the next couple of days; it can't hurt to do everything possible, right? 

Right now I'm doing my customary shocking of the muscles with my handy-dandy TENS machine; yes, boys and girls, my chiropractor made sure I had my very own electrical stimulation machine a couple of years ago when it became apparent that my body does not respond to distance running very well.  Fingers are crossed that all of this helps and that I make it 62 miles without major ITB or knee issues or messing up my recently-sprained ankle. 

So much can go wrong on Saturday that I'm refocusing my attention to preparing a list of items I need to buy and things I'll need for my drop bag (bag I'll have at the start/finish/every 6.2 miles).  So far, I've thought of the following:
contact lens case; eye drops; PowerBar; banana; ziploc bags; Gu; shot blocks; Desitin/Body Glide; salt stick capsules; Icy Hot; change of shoes/socks/insoles; sunblock; "The Stick"; baby wipes; safety pin and alcohol wipes (in case pop blisters); moleskin; athletic tape; scissors; sunglasses
Quite a list so far and I'm sure there are things I've yet to think of.  I'm starting to think I'll wake up in the middle of the night with some random item in my thoughts.

Taper madness is definitely getting the best of me as all this energy would normally be diverted to running; I've limited my running to a measly 8 miler on Monday but will get in 3-5 tomorrow to restore some sense of sanity.  And then I'll start packing my drop bag, putting new songs on my ipod, and giving my legs some more at-home physical therapy.  If I'm this wound up over a flat, "simple" 100K, how on earth will I be days before my first 100 miler?  Scary thought...

Take care and go run some miles for me:)


  1. Meh! 100K/ 100 miles. Honestly, I can't even imagine! Good luck Rachel!

  2. 10K's x 10. Sounds pretty easy to me.

    Just focus on each 10K/6.2mi. Dedicate each 10K to someone different.

    To be honest, it sounds mindnumbingly boring, but who knows - it may be a blast. At least you'll have plenty of company!

    Good luck!!

  3. yikes, I hate IT band issues. I wish you a great run!