Sunday, February 21, 2010

Orange Curtain 100K RR- Pre-race

Since the race was long, my race report will be long but I'll take of of pre-race details in this post.:)  Most of you know that I decided to run the Orange Curtain 100K in order to meet the qualifying requirements for my goal race, the San Diego 100.  I was definitely nervous about the race because my I have not done many long training runs (over 12 miles) in the past 7 months.  My longest runs recently were two marathons this year and, though I ran those comfortably, 62 miles is a lot farther than 26.2!!  I was especially concerned about how my body (and mind) would handle the course.  The course is an out/back 3.1 mile trek on a bike path along and small "river."  I knew there was a dirt path alongside the pavement and I fully intended on running on the dirt because my legs would hate me otherwise.  The course is extremely flat with the only slight ups/downs being when we cross under 3 overpasses and I was very worried about my legs holding up under extremely repetitive forces; at least trails or hilly runs allow the leg muscles to be used differently and cause less strain.

My fears about the distance were lessened because I kept reminding myself that I've covered the distance before.  I did a 65 mile "run" last year the evening of July 3rd into the morning of July 4th; however, that run caused my left ITB to hurt around mile 20 something and to lock up completely by mile 39ish; I ended up walking most of the last 25 miles in excruciating pain.  That run was a course I mapped out and it had some elevation changes and variety in other words, it was mentally easier (plus, I was doing it as a memorial to my father who passed away the previous July 4th so nothing could prevent me from finishing it).

Two days before the race, I made a list of the things that I might need during the race and Thursday/Friday, I hit my local Target and REI to load up on stuff for my drop bag..oh and to buy a waterproof bag in case it rained.  I looked at many bags and settled on a large Drybloc one by Granite Gear since it would be large enough for all my stuff and, especially, my stick.  Friday night I nervously packed,  putting items into ziploc bags and trying to organize things so that I could easily find them. I packed my drop bag, a bag with clothes/towel for car for post-race, and bag with things I would be wearing (Garmin, ipod, Ultimate Direction fuel belt).  Finally went to bed around 9:30pm and tossed/turned until almost 1am...just getting 3 hours of sleep before crawling out of bed and succumbing to my alarm at 4:15.

                                 For after the race

                       Stuff for drop bag and to wear during race

After quickly getting dressed in my Operation Jack shirt and other gear, I made the short 30 minute drive to the race location, checked in (got my #54 and cool tech shirt), and then finished preparations for the race...more BodyGlide on feet, putting moleskin and athletic tape on blister-prone toes.  I made my way to the start line around 5:50am and ran into a running buddy (James) who came out to say hi and see us start.  I chatted with a woman who has completed almost 20 Ironmans and who was out for the 50K.  The race director, Jay, gave a quick run through of the course and the race was on.

Shirt is dark orange/brown...iphone pic not so good;)

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