Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cross training variety

One of my downfalls as a runner has been not cross training.  Finding time to run is not always easy and adding anything to my work out time did not appeal to me.

Last year I pulled my hamstring doing PiYo -- go figure.  That and the ensuing muscular imbalances kicked me out of running for months.  For my mental sanity, I started finding videos on youtube for various types of workouts; I am never bored or have an excuse not to do something active.  10 minute kettlebell, pilates, or HIT works out are awesome ways to kick start your day when you are short on time!

What do I do?  It depends on my mood, energy level and whether or not it is also a run day.

  • Yoga - Many days I do a 10 minute power yoga routine.  If I am limited for time, that will be my workout for the day.
  • Pilates - I take mat classes, do Popilates or other videos I find on youtube or create my own workout.
  • Kettlebell- I tried several I found on youtube but I typically do ones of these - Fitness blender 10 minute workout, from BodyFit by Amy, or by Tone ItUp
  • FitSugar- I just discovered this!  Today, I did this bodyweight workout and, though it seemed easy and filled with too many breaks, I felt it afterwards and worked muscles in my back I apparently have not worked in ages!  I followed it up with two of Cassie Ho's videos  (6 minute butt blaster to work on activating my glutes and 3 min turbo lower abs) and the fitness blender kettlebell workout.  I decided to do a double threw in this 20 minute HIT workout from FitSugar as a quick late dinner break from work.
I made sure I foam rolled my back since I know I got in a killer workout today!

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