Saturday, February 20, 2016

The power of a compliment

The words of a complete stranger can make a person's morning!

I felt blah this morning when waking up and forced myself out of the door for a 5 mile easy paced run.

Whole Foods is an easy stop on my way home and I love their iced coffee; I treat myself to it on Saturdays and last Saturday, a random guy commented on my calves while I was waiting for my drink.  I was unsure if he was using that as an excuse to talk to me since he continued the conversation when he saw me at my car.  I don't wear my wedding ring when running so I am leery of guys talking to me when I'm not wearing it.

Today I still felt blah getting my coffee and I noticed a young lady looking at me; I assumed it was because I had a lovely, post-run odor.  Then she said, "You have impressive calves."  Not what I expecting!  I recovered quickly, laughed and said, "Thanks. I love to run a little bit." She laughed and commented back just a little.  That quick exchange and her compliment totally made my morning.

I admit I posted on IG about it since it will serve as a reminder to give other strangers compliments (when appropriate); you never know if it will be the thing that turns around that person's day.

Here's what happens when you run on your toes when wanting to run midfoot

I carried that positive mood with me to my Pilates reformer private session and really enjoyed the session.  I've been struggling with dealing with stressful things in my life and I was able to let it go and focus on the mind-body connection that makes Pilates so effective.

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