Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Funday instead of Sunday long run day

How do you handle  your training plan when you feel "off?"  This weekend I failed in the "sticking to my plan" mentality.

Saturday I felt strong and did a Pilates reformer class (1st time ever!) and had a strong 5 mile run.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a dinner at The Grove and soaked in the hill country views on the patio.

Saturday night I went to bed later than normal and expected to sleep well...4am I woke up and could not go back to sleep.  At 5am, I gave up and decided to have a productive early morning.  I debated running before church and talked myself out of it.  I read, did a PiYo core workout, grocery shopped and cooked breakfast-- way too much before 9am!

Normally I have no problem running immediately after church but today I felt off and we went house hunting instead.  I still could not get motivated so we went to Whole Foods and did our assignment for our church's life group.  I convinced myself that I could run 5-6 miles and that the 8 miler during the week could be my longer run; many times when I start running, I feel better and can stick to my planned run.  Today I had zero desire to run 13 miles after getting started and "slogged" through 7 miles.  Sitting on my balcony having a glass of wine and snacking sounded so much better than continuing running.

So happy to be done with my run and ready to be lazy!

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