Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Groupon makes trying Pilates affordable!

Groupon and LivingSocial are addictive and make trying new activities super easy!  Thanks to them, my hubby and I went kayaking and attended BatFest in the fall.  I saw a few deals for magazines and could not resist, especially since I am obsessed with HGTV.  HGTV contributed to our choosing Austin as our new residence; I fully believe that God works in mysterious ways and Austin was featured on tons of shows we watched immediately after our Costa Rica trip where we met a family from the Austin area.  But I digress...

I saw a deal for 4 private Pilates reformer lessons at AustinGirl Pilates and could not resist.  I am still using my Groupon pack for GreenBird Fitness (Pilates mat, barre or yoga options) but have wanted to try out the reformer machine.  When I was in PT for my hip, I did some exercises on it.  Lessons are not cheap and I'm a bargain shopper so I held out until I found this deal.  It was a bit of drive but too no time on Saturday morning....during the week, I avoid the 360 since it's like a slow conga line.

The studio is in really nice residential part of Austin and I immediately felt at ease with the instructor Susan.  She analyzed my posture and gait and I told her about my running hobby addiction and my glutes not firing.  The 45 minute lesson was tough since I had to focus on getting my muscles to fire in a pattern.  It was totally different than the Pilates mat classes and videos I've been doing.  I felt an inch taller (I wish!!!) when I left.  3 more lessons left in my package and I'm trying to figure out a way to make incorporate the reformer long-term.

Not the studio but what a Reformer looks like. Pic by Body Design Pilates

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