Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Traxporlation" continues

What is the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon?  Trail running and exploring the area (ie. "traxporlation").  The trails at the Hamilton Greenbelt are shaded which is a huge plus for an afternoon run and I wanted to venture beyond where I ran last year to see where they connect to Hurst Creek trails.

I needed a 10 mile run this weekend and knew it would mean running some of the same trails more than once, which I did not mind since the trails are so pretty.  The trails take you through a community and it is odd to run in people's backyards at time but the trails are very pretty.

The roots, leaves and rocks make it more challenging than it appears!

There is a wide path that runs through the greenbelt but I choose the path less traveled.  There is a windy, rocky, single track running parallel to the main path and it provides the best scenery and challenges.  If you take the single track, you end at the creek bed.

It has not rained much this year and the creek area is drying up.

Last time I ran here, I did not run up to the Hurst Creek trail and today I made that part of my exploration.  It did not disappoint!  The trails are very well marked and continue to wind through the trees.

In Hurst Hollow,you can venture to the look out post and the views are incredible.  Being able to see the water below was a treat.

It was a great run, though I turned my ankles a couple of times and feel that tonight.  Lakeway is one of the areas where we have been house hunting.  I fully admit that having a trail in my backyard is enticing!

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  1. Looks gorgeous, I love hiking and wish there were trails around me.