Friday, February 5, 2016

Hurts so good!

What seemed like an easy workout kicked my butt!

Yesterday was a cross training day and I decided to try a new workout video.  Earlier in the week, I found a POPSUGAR one and it was a nice change my recent workouts.  I wanted to mix it up and try another one and I found a 30 minute bootcamp video.  I broke a sweat during it but was unsure if I really got in a good workout, so I followed it up by a 6 minute Popilates video and then a 10 minute kettlebell workout.

I woke up this morning feeling like I had aged 50 years overnight!  My upper back was so sore that moving was hard and I was exhausted.  I did my normal wake-up routine (child's pose, alternating cat/cow stretches) and that did nothing to ease my soreness.  I opted for running on the treadmill since I dreaded shivering in the cold for a run; the run eased the soreness thankfully.  I definitely learned my lesson --- full body workout videos can be tougher than they seem!  It is time to incorporate more workouts like that into my cross training; feeling that post-workout soreness is a sign that I need to work my upper back muscles out more.  I highly recommend trying out this workout video and getting your sweat on!

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